UpState Sensor

Independent monitoring service by Beatpixels

Following their second patent application in 4 months Beatpixels launches its ‘UpState’ service tomorrow at the NEC Showcase in Stratford.

UpState is an independent Proof of Operation monitoring service for flat panel or projection displays via a combination of a sensor and a microcontroller.  The unit can monitor and analyse what is actually on the display via the sensor and communication system rather than the traditional method of monitoring the output of a media player.  With the addition of a marker being applied to the content ‘UpState’  will  produce a number of accurate Proof of Playout reports based on what has been shown on the display.

‘Upstate’ is extremely versatile for a variety of monitoring applications and not just Digital screens.  It will monitor the performance of the illumination in backlit poster sites including large format displays.  With options of a PC hosted, Direct LAN connected or 3G cellular sensors, ‘UpState’ can be used in the majority of locations for OOH and DOOH displays.

Jason Robinson, Managing Director of Beatpixels comments; “When we were initially approached to develop a proof of operation service I asked my Technical Director Janne Taponen to concentrate on the ‘service’ part of the solution.  By doing so we have created  a sensor system from an engineers’ point of view.  However it’s what happens in the background that really makes ‘UpState’ an outstanding and crucially valuable development.  We can monitor and analyse a display every second if required or every 10 seconds to coincide with the average industry content segment.”

Beatpixels will offer the hardware to clients on free issue based on a minimum period monthly license fee.  We will give clients access to a number of defined reporting levels from each sensor produced on a clear and concise user interface.  The reports that ‘UpState’ creates offers clients the ability to give a true Proof of Operation or Proof of Playout to each of their customers.

‘UpState’ will be on display on the 14th and 15th May at the NEC Showcase, The Velodrome, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford London.