Red Cross Giveaway

Doing it differently this Christmas

Over the past few years e-Cards have become more and more popular, reducing paper waste therefore helping to protect the planet and usually raising money for your favourite charity.  However… here at Beatpixels my team thought that they could do something a little better than that.

When the team came to me with the idea of doing something a little different to the usual sending of Christmas cards and gifts to our clients, I just had to say a big YES! So what is that idea???

Further to the success of the #DooHGood appeal last month for the survivors of the Haiyan Typhoon disaster, the team has produced a series of free to air advertisements over the festive period. These are based on positive images captured by the Red Cross and follow their message of giving this Christmas.

Tens of thousands of people still need our help during this very difficult time for the survivors and we hope that these advertisements will help to KEEP THAT MESSAGE ALIVE!

The content is available at with campaigns for North America, Canada (English and French) and The Philippines in both landscape and portrait. These ads can be adapted in to any language for any territory, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by December 16th 2013 if you would like a version of this campaign for your own country. Remember we are doing this for free but need your help to spread the message.

The Beatpixels team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 
Here’s to a prosperous and disaster free 2014!


Jason Robinson
Managing Director
ADVider, a portable POP dooh unit

Keep your customer engaged and entertained with ADVider!

Picture your customer (or yourself even) waiting at the checkout… bored…? Yes that’s how most of us feel.

The Beatpixels ADVider is a portable PoP/PoS/ASP digital signage unit that can replace those boring plastic dividers at the checkout. With our range of accessories, the ADVider can be converted into a shelf edge display, cash register readout or table top entertainment unit.

With digital signage being more captivating than traditional still imagery, the ADVider is a perfect advertising and marketing solution. The revolutionary unit is designed to grab the attention of customers whilst they are in a place with not much else to do apart from wait in line to be served. Jason Robinson, Managing Director of Beatpixels Ltd comments; "Waiting in line to pay for your groceries can now be far more entertaining with this innovative portable unit. The unit is based on the Beatpixels digital signage architecture, with an option to utilize the clients existing digital network if preferred. The ADVider is a simple to use and cost effective DooH solution and we are delighted to bring it to the market”

By now you probably have a bunch of questions. We’ll answer at least some of them here:

How much is it and where can I get one?
-    The initial list price will be from 170USD per unit and vary depending on the quantity you are buying.

It’s wireless, so how long does the battery last?
-    Depending on the options you choose the battery life should be around 3-5h

But my store is open 9/12/24h per day? 3-5 hours is not enough
-    Don’t worry, that’s why we have the ADVider charging rail. When the cashier moves the ADVider unit from the conveyor, it’s pushed onto a rail like any standard grocery divider. However, our rail has a built in charger that charges either via wireless charging or regular contactors that touch the surface.

Can I use it as a display for my cash register?
-    Yes! ADVider has RS-232 and MicroUSB interfaces that are compatible with most cash registers and POS units.

How can I show the content?
-    We provide quite a few alternatives to choose from. Our preferred way is our very own lightweight and nimble HTML5 CMS. However, we don’t want to limit your options so it is possible to use anything that runs on Android or even just show content from an SD-card.

For more information visit

Red Cross Spot Manila

#DoohGood update

A week on from the initial appeal by David Haynes to the DooH industry the #DooHGood campaign is gradually gaining pace. Ad’s have been made in English, French and even Spanish to get the message to as many people as possible.

In the UK alone the DEC appeal has raised more than £33 million pounds.

During major TV shows such as The X Factor on ITV appeals for donations continued, even a part of the costs of voting have be given to the DEC appeal.

This major coverage is not going to last much longer, the Philippine Disaster story has already been dropped to second place on the BBC news website. Now is the time that the DooH industry is going to make the difference, without the work of all those who have made content for the appeal being broadcast on local networks, the message is going to be assigned to tomorrows fish n’ chip paper and forgotten.

Even within the Philippines the message is still in the minds of everyone who arrives and departs from the capital. Due to the generous help of the guys at VLink Interactive and our friend Bing Kimpo. Our content is being broadcast in both arrivals and departures of Manila’s international airport.

But the work cannot stop now, more spots in more locations around the world are still needed. Let’s keep the message going, let’s make sure that everyone who needs help gets it.

The content Beatpixels produced can be easily adapted for use in any country in any language.  If anyone needs content to raise funds please do not hesitate to contact us. To get us going in another country here is a Finnish version! Download here:

Red Cross Typhoon Relief

Beatpixels joins the call to action for the international Red Cross appeal

A personal message from the MD

Having spotted an appeal on the CLIPPINGs Daily E-zine by the guys at, the Beatpixels creative team swung in to action.

Sixteen-Nine wanted creative companies to produce 15 second Ads for the Red Cross Appeal in the Philippines. Having initially replied to the appeal, we were asked to produce an ad for #DOOHgood to be shown across Metro Manila.

As the team know Manila very well, they decided that a little extra effort would be needed to get the Ad to stand out in such a hectic city. Working with our extensive skills in 3D, work began on an eye catching image sequence.

Finally at 2am we published our first clip at this was followed up by a portrait version some hours later.

Seeing the first post of the Ad with the words "I just yelled, Oh, cool!" , I believe we may have reached our goal of creating something that truly stands out.

We hope that the clip goes a little way to help all those that lost everything in the disaster. Our thanks goes to Dave Haynes at sixteen-nine for getting this appeal going and Bing Kimpo in Manila for getting the Ads on the networks there.  Bing also produced a follow up clip which really bring home the message from the survivors of the initial disaster and who are facing a second disaster due to the lack of aid reaching them.

Thanks goes out to Alex Hughes and his team at London-based Amigo Digital for their efforts in creating a UK campaign.
It is now down to the network owners to broadcast the content let’s hope that everyone’s efforts don’t go to waste!!!

Finally a BIG shout out to my team at Beatpixels. You guys have been amazing, I didn’t even have to bribe you with chocolate as usual but I did have to keep the coffee machine operating at full capacity!!!

Last but certainly not least. Please visit your local Red Cross website and make a donation (UK Red Cross)

Jason C Robinson
Managing Director

You can download the clips from and use them on your own advertising network.

We can also render new clips to fit your local Red Cross donation methods, please don't hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Everything we can do together, will help the people who have lost everything.


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